1956 Morgan 4/4 Model On Plinth - Hand Crafted Coal Model

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1956 Morgan 4/4 The Morgan 4/4 coal Model car The Morgan is a motor industry phenomenon. In a small town in Malvern, Worcester, England, there is a factory run by Peter Morgan and his son, Charles, where the Morgan 4/4, +8 and +4 are still built. They, and the workforce of just under 100, lovingly produce about ten of the hand-built, ash-framed cars per week while the waiting list continues to grow. Peter took over from his father, HFS Morgan, who built a three-wheeled car, with the world's first independent front suspension, in 1909. Friends and acquaintances all wanted one, and in 1912 the Morgan Motor Company was founded. In 1932, Morgan risked some minor changes, which included the addition of a fourth wheel. This model was called the 4/4 (four wheels, four cylinders). Nothing much happened for a decade or two; the radiator grill went from flat to rounded in 1954.

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