Atlantic model ship - three-masted schooner - wood and fabric sails - 2'4" (71cm)

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Impressive model ship of the Atlantic made from wood with fabric sails. You can read more about the ship's history on the brass sign attached to its base. The three-masted schooner, built in 1903 for a millionaire in New York, won the transatlantic race in 1905, making sailing history. The Atlantic won the Emperor's Cup in the transatlantic race sponsored by Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last German emperor. You can find more information about the ship's history on the internet. The sails and masts are packaged separately for safe delivery. The model therefore needs to be reassembled but this can be done easily, even with minimal skill. The dimensions are as follows: height 2'4", width 28", depth 5" (56x71x13cm)

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