Authentic Models Compass Reproductions From Lewis & Clark Expedition, Lensatic Compass

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Invented thousands of years ago, the compass opened the world to exploration and discovery. Today the compass still is a basic tool, a magnetized needle rotating on a vertical pin, pointing at the Earth's magnetic North. This instrument of exploration changed the world. Choose between: 18th Century Sundial/Compass Combination Reproduction. With the advent of trains and mail coaches came a need for cross-country time coordination. Our 18th century reproduction is a traveling sundial and dry compass. WWII Lensatic Compass Replica. The Lensatic Compass was the standard-issue compass during World War II. Lewis & Clark Compass Reproduction of the compass used on the famous 1804-06 expedition. The original compass and case used by Clark is on display at the Smithsonian, and is handsomely reproduced here.

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