Goethnic Handmade And Hand Polished Vintage Car Replica Showpiece Decoration In Wood Large Size Open Top

Product Features

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Length= 9.5 inches, width= 3.5 inches, height= 3.5 inches

- Exclusive and unique handmade this vintage car replica is fit to grace any home or office

- Made of mango-wood, the car is intricately embroidered and carved to perfection. The car has been designed in vintage style with beautiful lines for bonnet, radiator and mudguards. The car has also been endowed with real looking headlights, steering wheel and siren in true vintage style

- The artistic finesse with which the item is made is simply astonishing. The car has been made by joining different pieces of suitably shaped wood.

- The polish is three toned with the body done up in two tones and the car accessories like headlights etc finished in a paler tone

- The car has functional wheels made of wood which also makes the car mobile. But the care should not be rough handled by kids

- All in all, the car is a masterpiece of handmade architecture proudly done up by skilled artisans with a lot of care and attention. Many man-hours have gone into the making of this car as the work is intricate and demanding

- The car is sure to remind you of the bygone era and is fit to be placed in the front room of your house or office where it is visible to your guests. Surely they will relish its construction and admire your choice

- It is also a worthy gift to be given to the car lover