Guillermo Forchino "My First Love" "Mon Premier Amour" Comic Art Sculpture, Large Size Scale 100% FO-85063

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Guillermo Forchino "My First Love" "Mon Premier Amour" Comic Art Sculpture, Size Scale 100% FO-85063 The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino creates figures and scenes that resemble the world of comic strip and cartoon characters. They typically depict unusual and humorous subjects with soulful characters. The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino is now available for a larger group of art lovers in the form of limited edition, numbered series. Found only in specially selected stores, each piece is identified by a numbered stamp on the bottom. The figurines are made of poly resines and come wrapped in the newspaper "The Forchino Times" along with the autobiography of Forchino and pictures of his collection. A certificate of authenticity completes the package. When I saw its sensual curves, I immediately fell in love. The elegant air and incomparable way of moving made me lose by mind. It was love at first sight. This small beauty is and will always be my favorite car. The only problem is that when the whole family goes shopping we are a little cramped when we come home. The other day, coming back from grocery shopping, I had to ask the neighbor to help my wife getting out of the car because she was stuck between the cans of tomatoes and the washing powder. And don't forget the mouth to mouth method we had to give my son and to his sister as well, who had a jar of whipped cream on her head, we had to handle the spatula with care to lose as little as possible. Me, I didn't have any trouble, without really noticing I had sat on a stick of butter and just slipped out of the car with no problem. Art. no.: FO 85063 Size: 48 x 27.5 x 22 cm Numbered Edition Scale from original sculpture: 100%

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