Mod-Inspired "Born To Ride" Meerkat Scooter Model by The Bradford Exchange

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Meet Townsend - the coolest meerkat in town and a dedicated follower of fashion! The "Born To Ride" Meerkat Scooter Ornament is a stylish addition to your home and is exclusive to The Bradford Exchange. Roaring past Brighton Pier and into your heart, this market-first symbol of freedom and fashion is expertly crafted by hand from fine artist's resin and hand painted in striking tones. The mod-inspired meerkat depicts a trendy meerkat on a gloriously British scooter adorned with vibrant Union Jack colours. For the perfect finishing touch, the meerkat wears a shirt and parka. Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, you won't want to miss out on this unique Meerkat Scooter Ornament - reserve your mod-inspired edition today. Order now!

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