Model Car Tractor Porsche - Retro Tin Model

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Model Car Tractor Porsche - Retro Tin Model


Replica completely made from metal according to old templates. Handmade with a love for detail this model comes really close to the original. With moveable wheels.


In the early 1930's Prof. Dr. F. Porsche started design work on the "people tractor" right along with the design work of the "people car". Eventually, both designs materialized into historical products that are still enjoyed by thousands of people 60 years later. Interestingly enough (and no surprise, if you knew "Ferdi"), the first design of the Volk-Schlepper had many similarities to the Volkswagen. It certainly did not look like a tractor of the 1950's and 1960's. This very early and unbelievable unique design from day one (1934) already included a hydraulic coupling between engine and transmission. This was a distinctive design criteria and requirement of all Porsche-Diesel engines used in tractors until the last model produced in 1963. There was a special reason for this requirement. Engineers in the 1930's believed that farmers in those days were not able to handle a clutch properly when shifting gears. (source: Wikipedia)


Length 28cm


Width 16cm


Height 16cm

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