New York Times Civil War 150th Anniversary Coin Collection Framed

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The New York Times Headline Impending Attack on Forts Sumter and Pickens" honors the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War in this black wall frame coin and stamp collection. This Civil War 150th Anniversary collection is a tribute to President Abraham Lincoln. An official reproduction of the New York Times Headlines dated Monday, March 4, 1861 includes headlines regarding Lincoln's inauguration and the impending civil war. Abraham Lincoln was the first American President to featured on a circulating coin. President Roosevelt and the United States Treasury Department decided to honor Lincoln by placing him on the one cent coin in 1909. Lincoln will always be remembered for his dedication of preservation of the United States. Displayed in the 16" x 14" black frame are nine Lincoln pennies The First Year of Issue 1909, the 1958 reverse of The Last Year of Issue Lincoln Wheat-Ear Penny, the 1959 reverse of The First Year of Issue Lincoln Memorial Penny, the 1943 Lincoln Steel Penny, the four 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Pennies and the 2010 Lincoln Union Shield Penny along with three Lincoln commemorative U.S. postage stamps. A Certificate of Authenticity is included."

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